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5 Commercial Landscaping Services

By Root Plus on June 8, 2015 in Commercial, Landscaping, Lawn Cutting, Ottawa

When you own or manage a commercial property, it is in your best interest to ensure your property is well maintained. You want to attract tenants, but also have a professional appearance that shows you care about the community and the people who live there. Here are five commercial landscaping services that are very important for the upkeep of your property:


Garbage Pick-up

Depending on the function and size of your commercial property you will require a garbage pick-up service. You may simply have some trash containers and even ashtrays located on your property that require daily cleaning or a trash bin that requires weekly emptying. Either way, taking special care to ensure the garbage is removed will keep your property pest-free.


Lawn Cutting

You want your property to look well-maintained and professional. A lawn cutting service is a must. Commercial landscaping services specialize in commercial lawn care on a large or small scale and will ensure your lawn is lush and green for beautiful presentation to passersby as well as tenants.


Flowerbed Maintenance

You know that a building with flowerbeds always looks nicer than one that lacks any landscaping details. Whether you own or manage an apartment complex, have a commercial building or even an industrial site, the addition of flowers softens the look of your property and makes it more pleasant for those who live or work there.


Hardscape and Softscape Materials

If you prefer to manage your property on your own, you might be in need of bulk delivery of hard and softscape supplies and materials. Commercial landscaping services have the equipment and staff you need to handle major orders as well as the ability to offload them safely.


Spring and Fall Clean-up

With the change of the seasons your property will have changing needs. Commercial landscaping services will provide the special care your garden needs for spring and fall clean-ups including the raking, garbage removal, and clearing away of weeds and dead foliage. These are important steps that prepare your property for the arrival of the winter and summer. From protecting hedges and evergreens with covers in the fall to basic clean-up detail in the fall and spring, your property will receive the attention it needs.


Many property owners find it easiest to have an all-season contract that will handle all of their property landscaping needs. However you can also arrange for the services based on your specific needs.

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