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5 Outdoor Design Trends for 2014

By Root Plus on August 22, 2014 in Landscaping, Ottawa

Ottawa landscaping companies must remain on the leading edge of design trends in order to provide their clients with up to date ideas and services. Here are five outdoor design trends that Ottawa landscaping professionals are keeping their eyes on for 2014:

No to Low Maintenance

Most home owners are far too busy to be worrying about tending to their gardens. Therefore having a landscaping scheme that is low to no maintenance is key. Ottawa landscaping experts are focusing on plantings, lawns and installations that will make your property easy to enjoy as well as easy to care for.

Outdoor Living Spaces

This has been a trend that continues to grow in momentum with the true Canadian taking full advantage of short summers and warmer falls. The key is to provide a living space that is as comfortable as your living room or dining room including all of the features from furnishings to lighting and even electronics such as music and televisions.

As well, it is important to keep ahead of the weather and provide protection from the sun and rain as well as warmth on chillier nights that also allows you to enjoy your outdoor space well into the autumn months. This means fire pits or fire features are in high demand be they wood burning or gas.

Cooking al Fresco

Cooking outdoors allows you to enjoy your guests, which means an outdoor kitchen is a must.

Nature’s Cues

Taking the exotic and dropping it into our Northern clime no longer makes sense to the savvy Ottawa landscaping expert. Instead going native and using plants and trees that grow naturally in your area is the way to go. This means there are more and more gardens turning to a natural look with long, lovely grasses and tamed wildflowers.

How Green is your Garden?

It might seem that all gardens are eco-friendly and sustainable however they are not. A turn to eco-conscious gardening embraces a number of ideas including more fruits and vegetables, less lawns and more brick and gravel pathways. Permeable hardscaping is very in and allows your garden to provide a natural way for water to collect, seep in and be re-used. As well natural vegetation attracts more wildlife including the poor displaced bee. Rain barrels are also a must to reduce wasting water.

These are the five garden trends Ottawa landscaping experts will be using in 2014.

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