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5 Tips for Enhancing Backyard Privacy

By Root Plus on May 15, 2015 in Landscaping, Ottawa

Enjoying your backyard can be difficult if you do not have the privacy you desire. It can be challenging to think of ways to add privacy without adding walls that will shut you in and block out the sun. Here are five tips to help you enhance your privacy so you can relax and enjoy your backyard:

Raised Flower Beds

Nothing adds a more professional look to your gardens than raised flower beds. Interlock, cedar, cement and other materials can be used to create stunning raised flower beds to create interest as well as to help keep your backyard space more private. Walls created from high raised flower beds also create interesting areas that turn your garden into a more secretive place ideal to explore with special spots for reading or just sitting and enjoying the quiet.



Of course fences are an obvious choice, but they don’t have to turn your yard into a fortress. You can use pretty detailing on fencing that makes it appear more like a design feature than a security or privacy necessity. Lattice designs, lighting, and interesting textures combine with gates and even pergolas can add a beautiful look to your backyard. The right design can also be used to flank an area where you feel more exposed, like a raised deck.



A collection of pretty planters can also be used to separate and camouflage seating areas. This will provide a gentle, soft wall that does not take away from the look of your garden and can also work to provide more colour with seasonal flowers.



Hedges offer a traditional fence that is ideal for privacy. They work well in any garden and can also assist as a natural barrier for larger wildlife such as deer. Hedges can also help to provide cooling for a backyard with too much sunlight.


High Plants

Look for luxurious high plants such as long grasses that will be lovely all year round. Ornamental grasses are pretty in the summer and will remain in place through the winter if you are looking to block your windows. Zebra grass turns turns a lovely soft yellowy cream and looks stunning when the snow is falling.


You can also add details such as outdoor curtains to gazebos and pergolas that can be shut to block out sun as well as nosy neighbours! These ideas will improve your privacy for more enjoyment in your backyard.


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