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Perfect Outdoor Lighting Options

By Root Plus on May 18, 2015 in Lawn Care Tips, Ottawa

Whether you want to enjoy your outdoor space well into the night or help create safe lighting around paths on your property, there are many outdoor lighting options available for your home. Here are five perfect outdoor lighting options to meet your needs:

Path Lights

Solar lights are ideal for pathways as they require no electricity and are generated by the sun. They collect energy through the day and burn brightly at night to guide people along the path. They can also be used as a decorative feature in your landscaping theme throughout your garden.

Poolside Lights

Tiki lights add a touch of the tropics and are the perfect solution around the pool. They are fun and casual and come in a number of options from solar to candles and even lamps that fend off the bugs. Tiki lights usually have a faux bamboo design, or are actually made of real bamboo. This is why they work so well poolside. You can also consider post lights as well as pool lighting and solar lighting as part of the landscaping surrounding the pool.

Porch Light

Porch lights are not only practical but can add a design feature to your entryway. Porch lights come in a number of designs from sconce-style lights that are installed flush against the wall to more grand designs like chandeliers. Depending on the height of your entry, you can choose the lighting option that suits the architectural style of your home. You can also install porch style lights at the side and back entries to your home.


Motion sensitive lights work well in dark areas where intruders might find it easier to break in to your home. They also work to scare off wildlife. Motion lights have sensors that detect movement and trigger the lights to turn on. They are then set on a timer to turn off if no further movement is detected. Spotlights work well when shone on lovely trees in your landscaping as well as special architectural features on your home.

Post Lights

Post lights work well along driveways, to highlight the entry to the path leading to your door and even as a decorative feature in backyards. They tend to be traditional in appearance, but you can find some modern designs as well.


Outdoor lighting can be used to add a sense of drama to your home, make walkways safer and also draw attention to details in your landscaping.


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