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Why You Should Choose Root Plus For Your Interlock Project

By Root Plus on May 27, 2015 in Interlock, Landscaping, Ottawa

When you are in need of an expert contractor specializing in interlock projects, you need look no further than Root Plus. Root Plus has the experienced installation team who will provide superior workmanship for long-lasting results. Here are six reasons you should choose Root Plus:


Root Plus has a team of experienced installers who have been providing quality workmanship for many years. They understand the ins and outs of proper installation and will ensure you have your interlock project completed so it is durable, beautiful and properly installed.



There is more to installing interlock than a few shovels. Interlock requires an even surface and evenly distributed materials and that means special equipment is required. Depending on your project, there could be extensive digging which requires larger equipment. Root Plus has all of the equipment needed to make quick work of your project which means better prices and a well-prepared work surface that will maintain its integrity and beauty longer.


Quality Workmanship

Interlocking brick is a complicated process. It takes years to hone the skills require to execute detailed work so it looks beautiful and remains as stable and even as possible. Root Plus has the skills to complete the most intricate designs, different levels and varied stones.



Interlock can be made into lovely designs reflecting a number of styles and aesthetics from modern/contemporary to more traditional and classic. The colour, shape and size also play a key role in the appearance of interlock projects. Root Plus can incorporate interlocking brick in a number of ways be it on driveways and walkways, steps, decorative or retaining walls and even structures such as counters or benches around a fire.


Reasonable Price

You will have a budget in mind and therefore want to work with a company who will help you complete your budget at a price you can afford. Root Plus provides a firm quote in writing so you know you will not run into budget issues that could interfere with the completion of the job.



Root Plus is able to complete repairs to existing interlock as they are well-versed in the process and can spot and resolve issues quickly and correctly. If you had a previous DIY interlock project or a rushed and sloppy job from a so-called professional, we can fix it all and get it looking the way it should.


Root Plus has all of these skills in hand with courteous attentive service so you know your project will be handled properly.



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