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Interlock Installation

Does your property need some sprucing up? An interlock installation can do wonders for the look and value of your front yard, side yard, and backyard. At Root Plus, we specialize in interlock installation. Leave the design, installation, and repair to us, so you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful look with none of the hassle.

Interlock Ottawa

Interlock Patio

Is your backyard nothing but a dull patch of grass? Give your backyard charm and appeal with an interlock patio. Whether you have a design of your own or want some help from our interlock design experts, we can create a stunning custom interlock patio that instantly transforms the look of your backyard. Enhance your outdoor space with interlock bricks that come in a variety of colours, shapes, and styles.

Interlock Pool Surround

We can install interlock bricks around your pool, provide a slip-free surface that is as attractive as it is safe. We can also install steps leading up to your warm and relaxing hot tub, or an elegant interlock pathway leading from your home to the pool or spa area.

Interlock Driveway

Impress the neighbours and increase the value of your home with an interlock driveway installation from Root Plus. We can create a design that complements the look of your home or acts as a contrasting feature. After a long hard day at work, nothing beats rolling up onto a gorgeous interlock brick driveway.

Interlock Porch

Create an inviting entryway with an interlock porch installation. We can work with you to design an interlock front porch that instantly increases the curb appeal of your home. In combination with your walkway and driveway, the entire front of your home is given a sense of unity.

Interlock Retaining Walls

Give your beautiful garden features that perfect finishing touch with interlock retaining walls installed by Root Plus. Garden walls add an element of sophistication and refinement to any front yard, side yard, or backyard garden.

Interlock Repair

If your interlock structure has become discoloured, cracked, chipped, eroded, or otherwise damaged, we can repair or replace the damaged bricks and make the entire structure look as good as new. If another company failed to do interlock installation right, we can repair any and all issues and make your interlock structure look the way it should.

Contact us today if you are ready to beautify your home with any kind of interlock installation or have an interlock repair project that needs to be done.