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Our Services

Interlock Installation

We create beautiful, functional interlock structures that last almost a lifetime. Enhance the look of your backyard and increase the value of your home with a custom interlock patio, walkway, driveway or landscape feature. Whether you have a design idea of your own, or need some inspiration, we will help bring your project to life.

We specialize in all interlock products so you can find the colour and style that matches the feel of your home. Contact us today for all of your interlock installation needs.

Interlock Repair

Don’t let a few old, shabby, damaged bricks bring down the beauty and value of your interlock structure. We specialize in interlock repair, seamlessly reviving the look of any interlock structure from patios and walkways to retaining walls and landscape features. Contact us today to resolve your interlock issue.

Retaining Garden Walls

Now that you’ve spent quite a bit of time, money, and effort on your vibrate garden, complete the full landscape picture with a strong, durable, and aesthetically-appealing interlock retaining wall. Protect your delicate plants and flowers while enjoying a beautiful, custom interlock feature.  Contact us now to get your retaining wall started!


Is an essential part of our business. We ensure a proper blade height for ideal growth potential and health of your lawn. Cutting the lawn too low results in scalping and/or bare spots causing irregular growth patterns or worse, -no grass growth at all. Grass mowing is normally on a scheduled weekly basis- every seven to ten days. (weather permitting). During the dry months of July and August, we inspect your property and “trim” up those shaded areas to ensure uniformity. Preservation of the environment is our aim, mulching is our recommendation. Grass is mulched- grass clippings are left behind to provide “unseen” fertilizer/ nutrients for your soil to enhance grass growth. Grass clippings can be paper bagged at request, for an additional fee; either removed from your property or left at the sidewalk for City Sanitation Departments disposal. Clean-up process involves basically either “blowing” or “sweeping” of general areas after the edging and mowing process, such as, patios, driveways, walkways, for left behind grass clippings or blown onto surface dirt. A blower is a high RPM tool for the job.

Bulk Delivery

Delivery of bulk landscape products. Aggregates (Gravel), Coloured Stone (Riverwash), Mulches (Brown, Red, Natural, Black),Topsoil, Garden soil, Organic Fertilizer or misc.


Normally done prior to lawn mowing your property. It is a process of grass trimming, of hard to reach grass surfaces areas, usually not accessible using the lawnmower. This procedure is done utilizing either an electric or gas -grass trimmer (grass snipper). You have more than likely seen these tools before. Consisting of Nylon threads and/or nylon blades which trim high grass spots around tree trunks, garden beds, driveway perimeters, patios, misc. Scattered “trimmer” clippings are later mulched in the lawn mowing process.


As a very important lawn care requirement and by practicing continued environment preservation, we provide organic fertilizing by placing the right amount of nutrients on to your grass type. Generally three (3)- four (four) times a year or Spring, early summer, and late fall. Consisting of an organic granular application made of kelp, corn meal, and other organic material, spread out on the your grass turf utilizing a material spreader. This provides evenly distributed amounts of organic fertilizer, over a wide area. This is either a package deal or pay per use program.

Yard Clean-up

Is a thorough clean-up of your yard in early Spring and Fall. These may be a combination or any one of the following; raking of dead grass and leaves, removal of branches on turf, pruning, and misc. Leave removal is very important to prevent high acids and high ph level in the soil to rise, damaging your grass. Leaves also pack down and cause no grass growth. We will rake or mulch debris and place them in environment safe paper bags. In addition, raking your lawn prevents yard waste buildup (thatch) and prevents lawn disease and insect damage. A highly effective pay per use maintenance recommended program.

Over Seeding

We provide top quality grass seed to match your grass type. Over seeding enhances grass thickness to also ensure preventive weed growth. An effective pay per use program.

Top Dressing/ Soil Delivery

Whether it’s black earth or screened mushroom compost soil, we deliver practically to your door. There may be outside projects requiring extra soil for your garden beds, sod replacement/ additions or simply a top soil dressing for your yard. Whatever your outside soil needs are- we can provide. General soil mix, such as top soil and black earth also can be requested. Top soil dressings, can be arranged and are also done by our crew.

Sod Laying

Winter damage due to snow plow removal, or simply improving your lawns looks. We can provide you with a little as patching to complete “overhaul” of your existing lawn. Want to get rid of your garden? No problem- we’ll replace it with sod- an affordable alternative.

Tree/ Shrub Planting

We can help you decide what type of tree or shrub would be ideal for turf needs. From a Canadian Maple to a rose bush, we’ll make it happen. Or plant what you want- just pick and choose, we’ll look after the planting. All trees and shrubs come with a 1 year replacement guarantee.


Pruning and trimming of trees or shrubs will be done in the Spring or Fall, depending on what is required and what type of plant has to be done.


Asphalt driveways, and to interlock and existing/new installations.


Light additions for either solar or conventional, to walkways, pathways, flowerbeds,  and interlock, or asphalt.


Water systems to your yards, flowerbeds, trees.